Concierge patient review
In August of 2023, I was experiencing some different medical issues that I couldn’t get addressed satisfactorily. We had heard about Concierge Doctors from a friend and decided to find one here in Las Vegas. We found Dr. Ben Kermani in November of 2023, and this experience has been one of the best decisions we have ever made. Dr. Kermani and his team have completely changed my idea of care. Our first appointment lasted almost an hour answering questions and concerns. Dr. Kermani was NOT in a hurry. When we decided on a course of care, he and his team made all the necessary appointments for blood draws, MRI, and all other appointments while ensuring they fit MY schedule. This new idea of care for us was something anyone could benefit from. Thank you so very much, Dr. Ben, and your excellent team, especially Parissa.

Richard S.
Concierge Medicine patient
Concierge patient review
Dr. Kermani's practice has been an absolute lifesaver for me. His office responds quickly and attentively to any requests and wastes no time to schedule specialists, lab orders, and anything else I need. Their ability to cut through the red tape and provide efficient and helpful care is a rare thing in today's world and I couldn't be more thankful to have him as my doctor.

John B.
Concierge Medicine patient
Concierge patient review
Dr Kermani, I can’t thank you enough for the special excellent, remarkable care you have provided and for the unique gift you are to your patients. I am blessed that you are my doctor. I have great confidence in your ability and experience. Thank you so much for the
great service including your staff!!f !! Highly recommended. Truly yours Giacomo.

Giacomo C.
Concierge Medicine patient
Concierge patient review
I have made an important decision to sign up to receive concierge medical services from Dr. Ben Kermani, my internal physician. I am happy to have made this decision and have made the commitment based on my experience with Dr. Kermani and his fine office staff. My ability to receive appropriate referrals, my medication requests, my appointment options, and the highly valued telephone contacts, have been particularly appreciated and valued. Most importantly it has been at the level to which I feel Dr. Kermani is genuinely interested in me and my overall and continued health. I am grateful to Dr. Kermani and his staff. They care.

Ira S.
Concierge Medicine patient
Concierge patient review
We recently joined Dr. Kermani's concierge service. We are very happy and satisfied with his concierge plan. Dr. Kermani is a very diligent, courteous, and professional physician who listens well and explains in detail our options and course of treatment. We were surprised at how Dr. Kermani and his staff followed up and responded quickly.

James M.
Concierge Medicine patient
Concierge patient review
"I've had three successful surgeries performed by Dr. Jonathan Hancock. His professionalism and caring nature are beyond measure."

Neda Y.
Concierge Medicine patient
I am incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Ben Kermani as my primary physician. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and consistently professional. His expertise and dedication have kept my health in excellent condition. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking top-notch medical care. Thank you, Dr. Kermani for your outstanding service!
May 21, 2024

Arturo P.
Dr. Kermani listened to all of my concerns - physical as well as mental - and I'm content knowing he'll follow through with the best ways to manage any and all problems.
Mar 13, 2024

Arletta M.
Doctor Kermani has been my Doctor for a long time. He gives great service!
Feb 14, 2024

Susan E F.
Dr. Kermani is a 5 star Doc. Grateful I found his practice to help me with my health.
Jan 22, 2024

Shanagolden G.
"Expert and professional. He spends time with you as much as needed and answers your questions. I’m happy and satisfied to have responsible and knowledgeable doctor like him when I needed."

Amir S
"Dr Kermani and staff are excellent care givers who go above expectations to take care of me and make me feel comfortable and safe. They make time for visits and follow up with my needs. We have received follow up care and phone calls over the weekend and in the evenings. They get back to me and are concerned for my care."

Roy M.

"Dr. Kermani is amazing!! He listens to everything you say and makes his best judgment on what you need which has been 100% accurate in my personal experience. I would highly recommend him to everyone!"

Cinnamon W.
"Dr. Kermani has been my primary doctor for around 9 years now. He and his staff have always been very helpful and super nice. I love the personalized feel of the small office."

Cheryl V.